Friday, September 19, 2014

This Week Most Funny Whatsapp Status Message 19 Sep 2014

Secrets : something you tell everybody to tell nobody.

Saying "I'm almost there", when you actually haven't even left the House...

stop trying so hard for people who don’t care

Girls who love football are not weird they're a rare gift from God.

People come into your life as blessings... And some come in as lessons.

Don't text me unless you want to actually have a conversation

"You should've come with us!" "Well, inviting me would've been nice..."

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." - Albert Einstein

Shit happens , just flush the toilet and move on.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hindi Funny Jokes: Husband Wife Special Collection

Husband: Agar tumhe kuch ho jata to mein pagal ho jaata!
Wife: Dusri shaadi to nahin karogey na?
Husband: Pagal ka kya hai,Pagal to kuch bi kar sakta hai

Husband: aaj tumhari behen ko Ghar per dekh kar badi khushi ho Rahi hai..
Wife: Jeans Pehan Lo!! Pajame main Khushi saaf Dikhai de Rahi hai.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Latest WhatsApp Jokes Funny Message 17 Sep 2014

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Whatsapp Jokes Message: 01
When your life is in darkness, pray to God, ask him to free u frm darkness.n if u still remain in darkness,
Please pay your Electricity Bill

Whatsapp Jokes Message: 02
PATIENCE is Such a Ride...
Which Never Let's
its Rider Fall...
Neither at Anyone's Feet,
Nor in Anyone's Eyes..!

Whatsapp Jokes Message: 03
A normal person prays to God "Don't give me problems," but a great person prays to God "give me the strength to face my problems."

Latest Funny Whatsapp Jokes: 04
Dont mix ur words with ur mood coz,
U will have many options to change the mood
U will never get any option to replace the spoken words.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Most Funniest Hindi Jokes This Week 15 Sep 2014

लड़की वाले-करते क्या हो
लड़का-जी II..
ल. वा.-IITian?निकल भुस्ड़ीके,केजरीवाल की औलाद
ल.-IIFA के स्टेज पे पोछा लगाता हूँ
ल.वा.-रिश्ता पक्का :)

Today America's most confusing day:
Father's day ..
80% don't know whom to wish
20% are scared some one will come and wish them..

Sherlyn Chopra:Kele kaise diye?
SC:*surprised by the decent reply* "Dedo dedo"
SK:Kahan du??
SC: Bhopdike... BC...

Boy : i want to be the part of you
Girl : sorry already have an asshole !!!

Ladki patane me
'CH' shabd ka bahut yogdan h
Na pate to Chanta & Chapal milta h
Pat jaye to Chumna,Chusna,Chatna,Chadhna aur CHODNA milta h.

Men look at boobs for the same reason a little kid looks at puppies in a cage, we just want to set them free and play with them.

A frusteted GF posted on fb.
Mere Boyfriend ka sirf naam hi "Vishal Mahadik" hai.

Teacher - Kya char ladkiya ek stool par mazese baith sakate hai?
Pappu - Bilkul....
Teacher - Woh kaise?
Pappu - Stool ulta karke.

Boy: Everything is fair in love.
Girl:Par jaanu, tumhara toh kaala h”

इस अनजान शहर में पत्थर कहाँ से आ कर लगा मुझे..
ऐ दोस्त लगता है गैरों की इस भीड़ में,
कोई अपना ही माँ चुदा रहा है.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adult Funny Dating WhatsApp Hindi Jokes Message 14 Sep 2014

A girl comes late on date..
Ladka: Asked
Chand taaron ko neend aa rahi hai ..
Teri Maa ki choot, tu ab aa rahi hai !!
Ladki: Answer
Maa ki choot ka mat de waasta..
Kholti hun Bra,chal kar le nashta !! .

Dirty Hindi WhatsApp Jokes Message 13 Sep 2014

Different Word Saying after sex..
Prostitute: "Chal Bheedu, Paisa Nikaal."
Girl Friend: "Wow, Aaj Sachhi Bahut Mazza Aaya."
Padosan: "Ab Fir Kab Aaoge?"
Wife: "Ho Gaya Na, Abhi 3-4 Din Dobara Mat Bolna.
Tumhara Password Kya Hai
Wife Computer On Karte Hue, Husbanad Se Boli: "Tumhara Passworde Kya Hai."
Husband Garv Se Bola: "Penis"
Ek Dum Se Wife Zor Zor Se Husne Lag Gayi
Kyon Ki Computer Said: "Your Password Is Too Short"
Hindi non veg jokes, Santa Banta Jokes
Santa travelling in Virgin Atlantic
Santa travelling in Virgin Atlantic asked 4 milk. Air hostess put her nipple in his mouth.
Santa: Changa hoya paani nahi mangya.